About Us

Ira Marcus has over 45 years experience as an aggressive business and complex litigation trial attorney, as well as serving as a mediator, arbitrator, and special master for over twenty years.

Ira has been selected by trial attorneys to resolve difficult state and federal cases because he is extremely aggressive, diligent, and evaluative.

Ira has mediated all types of corporate and business disputes; business valuation controversies; shareholder/derivative actions; business torts; employment matters, financial misconduct, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, copyright and trademark secrets.

Ira understands strong personalities and entrenched positions of parties and that mediation is a process which takes patience, persistence and creativity.

The Evaluative Approach

As a mediator with trial lawyer experience, Ira approaches each mediation with the goal of understanding the personalities, as well as the legal issues and facts involved. Ira will review all relevant pleadings, documents, mediation summaries, as well as relevant case law. In Ira’s experience, the only way difficult cases get settled is if the mediator understands the case and is able to present both sides with evaluations of how a judge or jury might view their respective positions and the risk, reward attendant thereto.

Ira has mediated State and Federal disputes throughout the State of Florida, various cities throughout the country.